Clean and Safe
Hotel Tuscania Panoramico

Global measures for your safety

We want to receive you with all the guarantees that ensure your health and well-being.

That is why we have developed a rigorous protocol, with the awareness that now our greatest challenge is to maximize our safety standards and minimize the risks, both for our guests and our employees.

In this mission we have the support of technical advisers and partner companies that assist us in the different processes, from cleaning and disinfection, food safety, safe management of each operational area, health work and, of course, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the welfare of our guests.

Access and entry of the client in the hotel

The hotel entrance and lobby will receive a strict treatment in the application of protocols with the aim of preserving the hotel's facilities to the maximum extent and ensuring that they remain virus-free. For this reason, this space will be subject to an exhaustive control at the entrances, as well as the management of capacity and access and exit flows of the clients.

- Capacity control at reception and interpersonal distancing
Definition of a maximum number of people depending on the surface available at reception. Distance markers, information bases.

- disinfection stations.
Availability of hydrogel solution and disinfecting wipes at reception for the use of customers. Disinfection of room keys and payment terminals after any contact and use between clients.

- Digitized invoice management
Sending of invoices by email after the stay and recommended payment by credit card.

Treatment of common spaces

An exhaustive analysis of the hotel facilities has been carried out with the aim of optimizing operations and limiting situations of potential risk. We have focused on exhaustive disinfection, intensifying the frequency of cleaning of common areas and establishing dynamics that allow the required distance. In all cleaning and disinfection protocols we use products authorized by the Ministry of Health.

-Exhaustive disinfection of the facilities and a correct ventilation
High frequency in the disinfection and cleaning of common areas, surfaces and furniture, reinforcing the areas of more traffic.

-Control of capacity and adaptation of space
Redistribution and elimination of furniture to facilitate the cleaning of the space and ensure that the recommended safety distances are preserved.
Control to avoid crowds, as well as an exhaustive review of circulation flows in the facilities.

- Disinfection stations
Implementation of disinfection stations with hydrogel dispensers and availability of gloves for guests.

- Access to information
Uninterrupted access to information of general interest through screens in reception and common areas. Communication of established prevention measures and services available to guests.


The cleaning and sanitation of the rooms will be taken care of exhaustively, through the use of virucidal products approved by the Ministry of Health. This cleaning will be especially rigorous when guests leave the room at the end of each stay.

The treatment of surfaces, textiles and other elements present in the rooms will be subject to a strict protocol following the guidelines set by our expert partner in safety and cleaning.

-Cleaning of switches, knobs, handles, and other frequent contact points
Disinfection of windows, doors, cabinet knobs and drawers.
It includes all those elements with a high level of contact such as lamps, switches or climate control.

- Treatment of surfaces and furniture, bathroom and adequate ventilation
Thorough cleaning of all surfaces with certified virucidal cleaning products approved by the Ministry of Health.
Extensive cleaning and disinfection of walls and countertops. Also of the shower and taps, toilet and bathroom.
Ventilation of rooms while cleaning tasks are carried out.

- Bedding and towels
Washing treatment at a temperature above 60ºC. Removal of used clothing in sealed bags to avoid contact with clean clothing.

-New bath amenities
Availability of gel, shampoo and conditioner dispensers, as well as disposable single-use cups. The rest of the amenities will be available on request.
Use of disposable single-use cups.


-Capacity control and interpersonal distance
Limited number of clients in the breakfast room depending on the available surface.
Redistribution of space and furniture to guarantee the minimum interpersonal security distance. Reduction of the number of tables to ensure social separation.

-Disinfection station and staff protection
Availability of hydrogel at the access points to the space.
Waiters and service staff will be protected with masks.

-Exhaustive cleaning and use of materials that are disposable for single use.
Sanitized tableware and intensive surface cleaning.
Priority will be given to the use of tablecloths, napkins and materials that are disposable for single use.