The baths
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The baths

The origin of the Baths of Viterbo lies in a legend, which accurately describes their history. Extensive documentation bears witness to the fact that the importance of Viterbo's thermal zone goes back as far as ancient times. Today, with updated thermal baths which remain faithful to the design of the ancient baths, bathers can rediscover the relaxing benefits of the mythical spring waters, particularly the baths of "Bullicame", where both the archeological and natural wonders are well preserved.

The tour aims at introducing you to the therapeutic benefits which the thermal baths of our region provide.

Viterbo Spa

People have known about the thermal mineral spring of the Viterbo area and appreciated the water's properties since ancient times. In this area of volcanic springs, where the water temperature varies from 40°C to 56°C, the water is rich in sulphates, sodium chloride, bicarbonate and alkaline earth metals. Cited by Dante Alighieri in his Inferno, the Bulicame Spring the main spring, is one of three thermal areas which the public can access free of charge. The others are the Bagnaccio Spring, where the pools can be used by the public year-round, and the pools at Piscine Carletti.
The thermal establishments are very popular because of the properties of the local water and mud, used for therapeutic purposes, to treat skin problems, for aesthetic treatments, and psycho-physical and anti-stress wellness programmes.