Electric Car Charging
Hotel Tuscania Panoramico

Charge your electric car
at the hotel

With the electric car charging station, it provides guests arriving from Italy and abroad with a safe point of reference for those who love combining a holiday with respect for the environment.
Because the challenge today is to be able to have fun, to travel and move, reducing as much as possible the negative impact of pollution in the world in which we live. And the Hotel Tuscania Panoramico, responds to the challenge by providing guests with a column for recharging cars present in the private parking of the hotel.
Charging is free for guests who purchase the hotel special offer.

The Hotel Tuscania Panoramico is

In this way, we can go on holiday and move around respecting the environment without the fear of staying on foot.
A benefit for eco-friendly hospitality, essential for those who want to travel without polluting. A service that contains considerable and varied advantages.
The, we move on to comfort: we can safely recharge our car while we visit the Tuscan region.

Immerse yourself
in the beautiful landscapes
of Tuscia

Finally, the advantage of merging completely with the scenery that surrounds us, fully respecting the beautiful locations that can be reached by car. Tuscia is rich in small villages, beautiful landscapes, towns and sites of undeniable artistic and cultural value.
Going through the entire region with the electric car we have the feeling of further protecting authentic pearls like the hills of Civita di Bagnoregio, Bolsena Lake, Tarquinia and Viterbo.